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At BBB we are here to help guide you to the best service, based on your desired results.

Below, you can learn more about all of the Permanent Makeup Services & techniques offered for Brows, Lip Blush & Lash Line Enhancement. 

If you aren't sure, don't worry! We will go over your goals when you arrive for your appointment or you can reach out with any questions you may have leading up to your booking!

Micro Blading

'The Natural Look'

The most 'natural' looking brow technique.

3D Combo / Hybrid is a realistic looking technique, created with a combination of  nano-microbladed 'hair-strokes', and target machine shading.

Natural looking, ‘Nano-strokes’ create tiny hairlike strokes in the skin with a handheld micro-blade tool. 


These tiny strokes mimic the natural hair perfectly, giving an ultra-natural shape and structure to the brow. 


Once the structure of the brow has been created with the micro-blade, soft target shading is done with the machine, between the stokes, creating the illusion of a realistic 3D eyebrow.


This can be extremely natural or slightly more defined, depending on the client's preference.


This style is amazing for those who do not wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis and want their brow to look extremely natural, fluffy & realistic.


Best for normal, dry skin types, and more ‘youthful’ skin.


Size, shape & colour are always Customized JUST FOR YOU!


Unsure what style is best for you? 

No Problem! 

We always begin every appointment with a full consultation, where we decide together what will be the perfect brow style for YOU!



-Initial Appointment: $475

- 6 Week Touch-Up: $185

-Annual Touch-Up: $275

*Best for normal, dry skin types. 


'The Make-up Look'

Best for those looking for a slightly more ‘make-up’ look. Can be done more dramatic or very soft and subtle.


Machine Shading without hair-strokes for a soft, 'powder make-up' look

Gentle machine shading is done throughout the entire brow to give a beautiful pixilated effect, mimicking a soft powder make-up, when healed.


These styles of brows are all machine-shaded brow techniques, with no microblading strokes…(with the exception of Combo Brows, in which Nano Bladed strokes are added to only the front portion of the brows, creating more texture & a slightly more natural look).


For Powder Ombré, the Tail of the brow is slightly darker, and grades to a lighter front portion of the brow where very light pixels are deposited. 


This creates a gorgeous soft effect and a powdered make-up look.


Great for all skin types


Size, shape & colour are always Customized JUST FOR YOU!

Unsure what style is best for you? 

No Problem! 

We always begin every appointment with a full consultation, where we decide together what will be the perfect brow style for YOU!


-Initial Appointment: $475

- 6 Week Touch-Up: $185

-Annual Touch Up: $275



ANY time we are working on a client who has previously had their brows done by another artist, it falls into the category of ‘corrective work’.

Even if you are happy with your current Brows, and they just need a Touchup - because they were done elsewhere, they are still classified as ‘corrective work’ when booking your appointment. 


The reason for this is that brows done elsewhere, (no matter how long ago, no matter how faded) come with their own unique challenges.


When working over previous permanent makeup, an artist will likely encounter things such as scar tissue & depth inconsistencies, shape/ symmetry concerns, undesirable colour shifts, as well as style preference differences between the old artist and the new. 


Corrective work takes a great deal of skill, as well as patience and trust in your artist. It can take multiple sessions to complete the corrective process and the outcome can never be guaranteed.


Often times previous work cannot be worked on top of at all, without one or more sessions of laser tattoo removal.


If you are interested in booking corrective work, you must submit a photo of your current brows at the time of booking (you will be prompted to do this as you go through the booking process), to ensure that you are a candidate for Brow corrective work. 


-Initial Appointment: $495

- 6 Week Touch-Up: $185

-2nd Touch-Up (if required): $150

-Annual Touch Up: $275

Powder Brow
Corrective Work
Permanent Lip Makeup

Lip Blush Micro-pigmentation creates beautiful definition and subtle pigmentation of the lips.

The Lip Blush is created by gently machine shading the entire lip surface with a custom colour that is blended for each individual client. 


This is a beautiful service that when healed, adds a blush of colour to the lips, resembling a matte lip stain.


Top with gloss or lip balm and it resembles a lipstick. 


Lip Blush does NOT change the actual size of the lip, however because we are bringing colour right to the lip's natural borders, (without ever over-lining the lips), we can create the illusion of a larger lip.  

Lip Blush is amazing for adding shape & symmetry to the lips. It adds the illusion of more fullness & often times is enough of an enhancement that those debating lip filler may not feel the need, once they have seen the outcome of their lips with Lip Blush.


As we age, often times we lose the lips natural borders, and our lip colour becomes less vibrant. Lip Blush brings back the shape & adds definition to your lips without lipstick 'bleeding' into fine lines around the mouth, or smudging off on the teeth.


 Lip Blush is NOT lip filler and will not change the size of the lips permanently, however all lips do swell to some degree throughout the process. Swelling is temporary & will resolve usually within 24h for most people.  

Lip Blush is a beautiful compliment to lips WITH or WITHOUT filler. (We just ask that you do not book a filler appointments within 30 days of a Lip Blush appointment, to allow for full healing.)


-Initial Appointment: $475

- 6 Week Touch-Up: $185

-Annual Touch-Up: $275

Lip Blush

Not Your Typical 'Liner'

Lash Line Enhancement is a simple service that offers a big impact.

Not a typical eyeliner, Lash Line enhancement is not done on TOP of your eyelid, but rather straight THROUGH your lash line. 


This subtle service is amazing in giving an eye-opening effect, and making the lashes look thick & full, even with no mascara on! 

Because it goes straight through the lashes, and does not sit on top, it still looks natural & not 'too much', if you are not wearing any mascara. In fact, many people don't even feel the need to wear mascara on a daily basis because the lash liner enhances their eyes so beautifully. 

This service will enhance your eyes in a subtle way and is a great way to make your eyes really 'pop'.



-Initial Appointment: $275

- 6 Week Touch-Up: $150

-Annual Touch-Up: $175


Lash Line
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