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Our Mission

At Blended Beauty Brows & Aesthetics, our mission is to help you feel confident and beautiful in your skin. We provide a range of cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup services to simplify your daily routine and enhance your natural beauty. Our certified permanent makeup and peri-medical tattoo artist is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service and results. We believe that everyone deserves to feel amazing, and we're here to make that happen for you.

Creating beautiful Brows, Lip Blush & Liner, always customized just for you!

In this day and age, life is busier than ever & time is precious.

My goal is to help women
 feel confident & amazing in their skin, while also saving them time on their daily routine.


Meet the Artist

Welcome to Blended Beauty, Brows & Aesthetics.

I am Lyndsay and I am a 19x certified Permanent Make-Up Artist & Perimedical Tattoo Artist, located in Okotoks, Alberta.

Hello & Welcome! 

My name is Lyndsay, and I am the Owner & Artist at, 

‘Blended Beauty Brows & Aesthetics’. 


I am extremely passionate about helping Women feel confident & beautiful while adding ease and convenience back into their daily routines. 

The reason I started in this Industry was to give that feeling of freedom & confidence, to other women just like me; Busy Women who are rushing out the door to work in the morning, (maybe they have kids to get up & off to school or daycare), or new Mom's at home with their babies or little ones- doing the hardest job in the world, with no time for themselves. 

Giving Women back their TIME in the morning, so they can do something else for themselves (other than their makeup)- get more sleep, have a quiet coffee alone before the kids get up, have time for a proper breakfast, or just have a smoother less chaotic start to the day - these are the things that Permanent Makeup can help you achieve. 


It's about more FREEDOM, less stress. More LIVING your life, less holding back. It's about ENHANCING your natural beauty, or RE-CREATING something that was lost!

I am a mother of two wonderful little boys (aged 5 & 8) and 

I started my career in Permanent Makeup because of my OWN experience with having  Permanent Makeup done, as a new Mom. 


I was a few years into having children & found that life was so chaotic that I rarely had time to take care of my own needs, and self-care was a distant memory. 


I never had time to do my makeup, and if I did find extra time in my morning, I would spend it sleeping or cleaning- never on myself. 


I decided it was time to try PMU, and got my Brows done first.

What a difference they made! 

I could wake up and already feel like I was ahead of the game -for once. My confidence was boosted and I started to feel more like my 'pre-baby me'- the me that had time to do her makeup in the morning!  


Shortly after my Brows, I got my Lips Blushed too! Now this was a real game-changer for me. I was always a 'lipstick girl', so reapplying over & over was just something I thought I'd always have to do. 

With PMU Brows & Lips, I was able to just wake up & look put together & bright, with zero effort! My confidence soared. 


This is the feeling I want to help other women just like me, be able to achieve as well.


I am a 19x certified PMU (permanent makeup) & Perimedical Tattoo Artist & I can't wait to create the perfect 'Blended Beauty,' Permanent Make-up creation just for you!

I look forward to meeting you in my chair!

I provide professional, safe and personalized services, customized just for you. 

If you’re looking for a solution for your aesthetic concerns, or to just simplify your morning routine, Cosmetic Tattooing & Permanent Makeup can help achieve your 

#browgoals #lipgoals #linergoals.

Whether you are looking for an 'Ultra-Natural', fluffy brow- giving you that 'no make-up look', 

a beautiful Bold Brow, that resembles a perfect 'make-up finish', 

or if you desire something in between-  I am here to work with you, to achieve it!

For the Lip Blush Micro-pigmentation, every colour is custom blended- together with you,  to create your perfect shade!

Whether you want a subtle enhancement of your lip's natural shape or are looking for a bolder POP of colour, we can create it together! 

(And don't worry, only the best numbing creams are used, to keep you comfortable throughout the entire process).

Lash Line Enhancement is an amazing service to make your eyes look more defined and your lash line look full & thick!

Even without mascara, your eyes will appear more open and subtly enhanced- without looking too dark, or 'too much'. This is not a typical 'liner' that sits on TOP of the lid, but rather it goes THROUGH the lashline itself, to create a beautiful & natural healed result.

Trained through the Innovative Beauty Academy, I am certified in:  Nano Microblading, Microshading, Hybrid Brows, Powder Brows & Advanced Powder Brows, Powdered Ombre & Combo Brows. 

I also hold additional cosmetic tattoo certificates in Lip Blush Micro-pigmentation & Lash Line Enhancement & Brow Corrective Work.


In Addition to Permanent Makeup, I am certified through Jodi Stoski Academy in various Perimedical Services, including: Micro-needling (collagen induction therapy), Acne Camouflage, Scar, Burn & Skin Graft Camouflage, and Inkless Stretch-mark Revision Therapy.

Lastly, I hold  WHIMIS and Bloodborne Pathogen certifications, as your safety & sanitation are always top priority to me.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, or to book a consultation with me to discuss the future of your beautiful, 'Blended Beauty' brow creation.


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